Carole Keller – A Color Master

Art by Carol KellerBy Kimberly J.B. Smith
Contributing Writer

Tucked in a charming gallery off Main Street in Meredith is a gallery where you will meet a very talented artist. Carole Keller, is a brilliant painter of landscapes, portraits and more. Carole’s work first caught my eye when I stumbled across one of her business cards. On it, I saw a luminous painting of a baby girl. On the tiny image of this card was a seated baby adorned with numerous strings of pearls. Each pearl’s luster captured in detail and skin tone revealing a use of color that I had never seen. It was captivating and very special.
A former real estate agent, Carole left her “day job” to pursue her true calling as an artist. A few art classes evolved into some serious study with Georgia Abood, located in Florida. Abood’s tutelage over a period of 5 years was indeed fruitful. Carole also studied with Stan Moeller whose studio is in Rollinsford. Carole takes annual “business trips” to Mohegan Island for week long painting retreats with Moeller. One can only imagine the beauty, inspiration and energy of such an event!
In addition to these mentors, Carole has made a serious study of noted artists including John Singer Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla. Both artists reveal yet more secrets behind the techniques of the best of the best. She has also delved into what the artist/authors have to share. In particular, the works of Richard Schmid whose books are heavy volumes that take you into the mind and technique of a man who lives to paint.
So what is a day in the life of Carole Keller like? Commitment to her art means painting at least 5 or 6 days a week and for 6 hours or more. You can find Carole, a very approachable artist, at her lovely studio/gallery. Now Carole does commissions and also teaches students in the space that her son Andrew designed and her son Shane painted for her. Andrew’s design for display and teaching is remarkable in thought and versatility. Spaces transform from teaching to display and back again! Carole is an intuitive teacher of both beginners and students who seek instruction in a particular subject such as portraiture. I know this because I am one of her students! My goal was to learn more about portrait painting and Carole has opened up new worlds for me.
A field trip to Meredith is now on your list of things to do! Visit Carole’s gallery, take a lesson or commission a work for your business or home. Take in her stunning paintings of hydrangeas. Let yourself be drawn into one of her many landscapes. Have a painting done of your loved one. Versatile, welcoming and knowledgeable – I guarantee you will enjoy your visit with Carole!

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