Day: February 12, 2015

Simple, Free Nesting Ideas

by Steve White, contributing Writer Your backyard birds have two things in mind this spring season. The first is establishing nesting territories. The second is choosing a mate. I will leave the mate choosing to the birds, let them have their fun. The nesting territories, however, are an area where humans can lend a hand.

Global Freedom Recedes, Rights Under Attack

by John J. Metzler, syndicated columnist UNITED NATIONS – There’s been a disturbing decline in global freedoms over the past year with a clear erosion of political rights for the ninth consecutive year. These are among the dire findings of the Freedom House report which rates rights and freedoms in 195 countries around the world.

Ice Fishing And Me

by Brendan Smith, Weirs Times Editor Now that the ice fishing derby is finally over here in Central New Hampshire, I am no longer worried about expressing my trepidations. Many members of FATSO, my winter support group, have asked me to teach them about this sport in order to help get over their winter doldrums but

Wildcat Mountain And A White Wildcat Wedding

By  Amy Patenaude, Outdoors / Ski Writer Did the Bride have cold feet? No she didn’t have cold feet. She had quickly snapped back a reply to my inquiry that her feet were quite warm. I asked again if she was sure she didn’t have cold feet. This time the reply was laughter from everyone