Month: March 2015

Why Bother Migrating?

by Steve White Weirs Times Contributing Writer Why do birds migrate? Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer for wild birds to stay in the same regions they nest in rather than risk flying thousands of miles twice each year?

603 Brewery’s Ice-Out Blonde Ale

by Jim MacMillan Weirs Times Contributing Writer Thanks for your interest in locally brewed beers in and around New Hampshire. We are rated #1 in the USA for consumer consumption so we must be happy seriously happy with our many brew choices. Out neighbor next to us (VT) can be proud of the most craft beers

Afghan Peace Process Far From Assured

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS – Afghanistan’s long and tortuous road to peace and reconciliation still seems a near mirage as an entrenched terrorist insurgency seems to rebuff political and security gains made by the Kabul government and international military assistance. Still the UN mission in the war torn South

State Something Day

by Brendan Smith Weirs Times Editor Perhaps you’ve read of the latest kerfuffle at the New Hampshire State House. Some feel a group of fourth graders were subjected to an inappropriate display of how a bill becomes law. The students had worked hard at getting the Red Tailed Hawk named as the state raptor. Their

Spring Skiing – Sunshine & Snowtime

by Amy Patenaude Weirs Times Outdoor/Ski Writer My summer golfing-hiking and winter snowbird friend, Sharon, came all the way from Florida to ski a few days with me last week. We had talked about meeting up in Utah but I convinced her to come back home since we have had the best snow all winter.

Should It Stay or Should it Go?

by Steve White Weirs Times Contributing Writer As we approach the nesting season for wild birds, many questions arise regarding nest boxes. Do all birds use bird houses? If not, why do birds build nests exposed to weather and predators?

Cuban Connections

by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist NEWS ITEM—The Boston Red Sox recently awarded teen-aged Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada a record $31.5million signing bonus. Reportedly, the actual total cost was $63 million, as there is a Major League Baseball tax of 100% for excessive spending on international free agents. Sixty-three million dollars to sign an unproven

Eleanor LaBranche – A Young New Hampshire Talent

By Kimberly J.B. Smith Contributing Writer When I was interviewing for my first job as an art teacher, an administrator from a city in New Hampshire asked me, “Are you an artist or an art teacher?” Really? The fact is that art teachers can best explain the passion of creating by being practicing artists themselves.

Stoneface Brewing IPA

  by Jim MacMillan Weirs Times Contributing Writer Our weekly brew review (for those who cherish the love of beer) continues as we may have finally turned the corner on this winter season… but we will still review beers that are winter favorites. Craft brewing is certainly alive and well in and around NH.

Minority Rule

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer While serving as a Navy officer in Hawaii, a friend told me that I’d be happier and healthier if I lived the “aloha spirit” for which the islands are famous. He could see that I was letting my natural Irish pessimism and temper influence my leadership style (my

More Tax Tips

by Brendan Smith Weirs Times Editor I realize there are still a few weeks to go but now is really the time to start thinking about doing your taxes. To those of you who have already done your taxes, good for you, but we are all tired of hearing about it, so please just go

Barbarians Inside the Gates

IS Destruction Sweeps Ancient Sites by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS–The barbarians are inside the gates of Nimrud, the ancient Assyrian city in northern Iraq now being plundered, pillaged, and bulldozed by the forces of Islamic State (IS). The destruction of Nimrud, a city dating from 900 BC follows the planned

Stowe Mountain Resort

Two Nights in the Stone Hut on Mount Mansfield by Amy Patenaude Weirs Times Outdoor/Ski Writer Stowe Mountain Resort is a classic ski mountain. Mount Mansfield’s Chin is Vermont’s high point at elevation 4,395 feet. The Resort’s trails are snuggled beneath the mountain’s rugged ridgeline and drop to the valley floor. Skiers and snowboarders can