Day: March 5, 2015

Caption Contest Photo #532

Send your best caption to within 2 weeks of posting date… (Include the photo#, your name, and town of residence). Or you can mail it to “Caption Contest, The Weirs Times, P.O. Box 5458, Weirs, NH 03247″ or fax it to 603-366-7301. Some of our past winning captions…

Sports Movies

by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist There’s nothing as good as a good movie. Even a “chick flick.” And good war movies like AMERICAN SNIPER are “must sees” for me. I’ve seen PATTON—or parts of it—at least a couple dozen times since it won the Academy Award for “Best Picture” back in 1970. War movies

What’s In A Name?

by Steve White Weirs Times Contributing Writer If you have ever attempted to use a wild bird field guide to identify that mysterious bird in your backyard, you might be tempted to question the name of that bird. Exactly what is a northern mockingbird? Is there a southern mockingbird?

School-To-Prison Pipeline?

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer At least they returned the grenade launchers. The Los Angeles School Police Department will keep the M-16 rifles and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicle received under a Federal program putting military hardware in the hands of domestic law enforcement agencies – even school police. They gave back

The Silent War On Mideast Christians

by John J. Metzler, Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS – The spate of brutal and systematic attacks on Christian communities in Syria, Iraq and Egypt by the Islamic State has surged. Yet despite this targeted violence, there’s a climate of international indifference by many governments and even some Christian communities in the West towards this

Giving Some Thanks

by Brendan Smith, Weirs Times Editor I want to use this week’s column to thank some people. First, I would like to thank the folks at the New Hampshire Lottery Commission for sending me a couple of complimentary “I Heart Bacon” scratch tickets to recognize my column on the subject a few weeks back.