Giving Some Thanks

Brendan Smithby Brendan Smith, Weirs Times Editor

I want to use this week’s column to thank some people.
First, I would like to thank the folks at the New Hampshire Lottery Commission for sending me a couple of complimentary “I Heart Bacon” scratch tickets to recognize my column on the subject a few weeks back.
Besides being the only place I’ve seen the symbol for a heart and the word bacon in the same line (except for that scary poster I stared at in the cardiologist’s office) I have to admit that it is a good looking ticket.
I did scratch the tickets and found that they really do have that unique smell of bacon that has been embedded onto a piece of cardboard. One of the tickets I scratched was, surprisingly, one of the thousand dollar winners. (Just kidding, I just wanted to give the kind folks at the Commission a little scare). Still, I did win a dollar on one of the tickets which put a smile on my face. Up to that point I was wondering what I would have for lunch with only four dollars in my pockets. The extra dollar gave me enough for a nice turkey sandwich on rye at the store where I cashed in my winnings.
The second ticket wasn’t a winner (or a loser, depending if you are a glass half full or empty type) but it smelled so delicious that I did put it on my sandwich to upgrade it to a club variety.
Next I would like to thank a loyal reader. I will call her Patty only because that is her name.
Patty sent me a very amusing letter that went into great detail about preparing for a job interview and working hard to look her best despite the annoyance of winter and all it can do to try and beat you (there was ash from a wood stove, blowing snow and a whole series of mishaps involved). Upon successfully arriving for the interview, not completely unscathed but still looking proper for an interview, she was a bit discouraged to see that her interviewer hadn’t even tried to follow the same course and had merely dressed as if it was, well, winter.
The reason for Patty’s letter was to ask me if I knew of, or could possibly just make up, rules for dressing for an interview in the winter in New Hampshire.
I couldn’t think of any for that specific reason right away but it set me to thinking about rules for dressing in the winter for other scenarios. For instance, not putting a winter coat over a pair of pajamas to go to the supermarket, even if it is only for a gallon of milk, should be not just a rule but a law punishable by a fine and being forced to stand outside the supermarket for an hour with a sign around your neck that reads” “Too lazy too care.” (Hey, this is my world I’m creating.)
I haven’t come up with any other ideas yet, but I thank Patty for putting the thought into my head. Might be a future column some day. (If you have any ideas yourself, be sure to send them my way.)
By the way, Patty is still looking for an administrative/management position. If you’re looking for a good employee, drop me a line and I’ll pass it along.
I would also like to thank the New Hampshire legislature for being back in session. Much like the cliffhanger in a season finale of a good TV drama keeps me interested for the next season, so does the legislature and even though I have often been disappointed by the next season of that TV drama, the state legislature has never disappointed.
I admit some of the recurring characters story lines can get boring and repetitious after more than a few seasons (enough with the casinos already Lou!!) Still, there are always some fresh new faces with interesting ideas that keep me coming back for more. (Will someone finally decide we should have a state sandwich?)
I’d also like to thank my mom who, at ninety years old, has embraced technology through her iPad and keeps me on my toes by challenging me to games of Trivia on the Internet.
Keep up the good work mom!!
Last, but not least, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this!!

Brendan’s new book “The Best Of A FOOL in New Hampshire” will be available in early spring.

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