Day: March 26, 2015

Why Bother Migrating?

by Steve White Weirs Times Contributing Writer Why do birds migrate? Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer for wild birds to stay in the same regions they nest in rather than risk flying thousands of miles twice each year?

603 Brewery’s Ice-Out Blonde Ale

by Jim MacMillan Weirs Times Contributing Writer Thanks for your interest in locally brewed beers in and around New Hampshire. We are rated #1 in the USA for consumer consumption so we must be happy seriously happy with our many brew choices. Out neighbor next to us (VT) can be proud of the most craft beers

Afghan Peace Process Far From Assured

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS – Afghanistan’s long and tortuous road to peace and reconciliation still seems a near mirage as an entrenched terrorist insurgency seems to rebuff political and security gains made by the Kabul government and international military assistance. Still the UN mission in the war torn South

State Something Day

by Brendan Smith Weirs Times Editor Perhaps you’ve read of the latest kerfuffle at the New Hampshire State House. Some feel a group of fourth graders were subjected to an inappropriate display of how a bill becomes law. The students had worked hard at getting the Red Tailed Hawk named as the state raptor. Their