603 Brewery’s Ice-Out Blonde Ale

Jim_MacMillanby Jim MacMillan
Weirs Times Contributing Writer

Thanks for your interest in locally brewed beers in and around New Hampshire. We are rated #1 in the USA for consumer consumption so we must be happy seriously happy with our many brew choices. Out neighbor next to us (VT) can be proud of the most craft beers produced, but we appreciate them all!
Today we look at 603 Brewery’s Ice-Out Blonde Ale in 22 oz bottles.
Ice-Out Blonde Ale603 Brewery, located in Londonderry, NH, offers year-round beers as well as seasonal beers matched to their climate change. Less than 27 months old, 603 has made a momentous mark in the NH craft beer scene. Today, they are a 15 barrel brew house exclusively sold in NH and distributed widely throughout the state in 12 oz cans, 22 oz bottles, growlers (half gallon bottles) and kegs for restaurants and taverns. Visit their website at www.603brewery.com
As we begin this quick season, Ice-Out Blonde helps celebrate the time we look forward to getting back in a boat to be on the lake instead of boots and overcoats…
This beer is to be poured into a clear pint glass to get the fullest enjoyment of both taste and smell as you partake. It pours lovingly into the glass, is not overly frothy and the head retention is minimized in off white hues. As you bring the glass to your nose and lips, notes of citrus and lemon are immediately noticeable along with a honey-style sweetness. Light bodied and crisp, this golden, slightly cloudy brew delivers a nice balance between malt and hops, keeping both with mild manners. Blonde ales are supposed to be understated as we crawl out of the cave and look forward to light summer beers again. This ale is one that should be on your top 10 list for this season.
Although BeerAdvocate.com has not yet rated this beer officially, followers of 603 have rated it as high as 3.8 out of 5.0 which points out that you should try this before it leaves for the season!

Jim MacMillan is the owner of WonByOne Design of Meredith, NH, and is an avid imbiber of craft brews and a home brewer as well. Send him your recommendations and brew news to wickedbrews@weirs.com.

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