Donna Catanzaro – Consequential Merriment


“Girlfriends on Donuts” by Donna Catanzaro.
“Girlfriends on Donuts” by Donna Catanzaro.

By Kimberly J.B. Smith
Contributing Writer

I encourage you to visit the WCA/NH show in Plymouth at Pease Public Library– a celebration of 20 years for the Women’s Caucus for Art N.H. chapter. The show will be up through April 30 and is worth the ride to Plymouth to see it.

Donna Catanzaro is a member of the WCA and has a piece in the show. Prolific, zany, & entertaining while intellectually challenging – Donna is one of my favorite New Hampshire based artists. Donna is never short for inspiration and excels at the use of Photoshop where many of her ideas come to life. Her subjects include environmental statements, feminist issues, political satire, ATCs (artist trading cards) and more. Using juxtaposition, Donna leads us to contemplate, ruminate and laugh – all at the same time.
Find one of Donna’s images that speaks to you and you can purchase a print or have the image transferred onto all sorts of surfaces (pillows or duvets to name a few) via Imagine a tote bag with the image of women tubing on donuts! I think every PSU graduate who tubed down the Pemi should have one! Donna also has a book out, titled Do We Have Enough Stuff Yet? Inside, you will discover a grand collection of Donna’s ideas. Not to worry, there is so much more to come…
Sources for Donna’s pieces remind me of old 50’s T.V. shows, women’s magazines, horror film posters, all manner of gadgetry from toasters to rifles. Donna imagines mandalas made of dessert, talking plants, vacuuming the world’s ills (May I add some?) and harvesting crops of cereal boxes. There is, in the best way, something for everyone!
Collages are just a part of Donna’s oeuvre. Imagine an art / mini golf experience! Called Fore, Donna and a few colleagues combined these two seemingly separate entities. The result is something you have never experienced or probably even thought of. Perhaps this is the next big thing!
If you spend any time at Donna’s extensive website, you will see some really neat details. The masthead reminds me of a vintage TV screen. The borders remind me of some very popular Formica with a boomerang design. Takes me back to the diners & grills I ate at back in the 60’s as a kid. Visceral or cerebral, Donna’s art will and should make you think. So check out Donna at and enjoy the experience!

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