Day: April 2, 2015

We Call Them “Nest Boxes”

by Steve White Weirs Times Contributing Writer If you hope to attract nesting birds, early spring is the time to make your nest boxes available for your feathered friends. The term “bird houses” is not an accurate description of these important boxes. Birds do no live in houses.

Squam Brewing’s “The Camp”

by Jim MacMillan Weirs Times Contributing Writer Because uniqueness helps make New Hampshire such a great place to live, we will look at the entrepreneurial aspects as it applies to brewing beer. There are more than 40 breweries of all different capacities and varieties of taste sensations around our wonderful state. But a unique set of

Expand the Credit Recovery Scam!

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer Another week, another news story about a public school failing its mission: “High school accused of massive grade-fixing scheme” screamed the headline in the New York Post.