Belgian Mare Brewery’s Alsteadder Ale

Jim MacMillanby Jim MacMillan
Weirs Times Contributing Writer

As the series of single owner / self-distributed brewers continues, we concentrate on New Hampshire’s entrepreneurs who accept the challenge to brew the best beers they know how to make the NH craft beer scene more interesting. We live in an amazing area of the United States that enables pioneers to flourish and who exemplify folks that produce the best beer they can… for the love of the beer!BelgianMare_Alsteadder Ale
New on the brewing scene for about a year or so, Belgian Mare Brewery in Alstead, NH has carved a rugged niche into the craft brew scene. Living on a historical farm in Cheshire county of southwest NH, Tim uses a wood fired oven to cook his brews “the old fashion way.” He has been perfecting his recipes for almost a decade in preparation to launching his brewery. The brewery is a 3 barrel system. Distributing in only 22 oz bottles, you will find both year-round and seasonal offerings from this great brewery. The other beers from Belgian Mare are Pale Ale, Red Bitter, Hemlock Stout, Brittion Mine Black Ale, New England Cream Lager, Harvest Lager, and Mill Hollow Saison. There are also some seasonals not listed which are usually one-offs from the mind of a great brewer!
You can learn more about Belgian Mare at
Alsteadder Ale is a very easy drinking ale named after the town the brewery resides in. Tim dedicated this brew to the folks of the town that helped him throughout the process of opening. He believes in keeping it simple and this beer is an example of his thinking. It is not overly complex, but just a great ale to relax with and contemplate the day.
The golden haze of Alsteadder Ale lets the imbiber know they are in for a treat. At 4.2% ABV it is not overpowering by any means but has a smooth drinkability that will keep you coming back. A clean white head can be seen on an uninhibited pour into a pint glass with great retention. At first sip, there is a distinct balance that occurs between malt and Hersbrucker hops. The end notes are a bit citrusy. It rewards with clean and slightly malty mouthfeel.
Beer Advocate has not yet rated this beer, but will soon. It is worth noting and a wise purchase. Tim self-distributes all of his wonderful creations throughout the state and can be purchased at Case-n-Keg in Meredith. Look for Alsteadder and the rest of Tim’s offerings so you too can appreciate the love that goes into his beers!

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