Day: May 15, 2015

We Call ‘Em Rubies

The ruby throated hummingbird is one of the smallest of all North American hummingbirds. It is the most widely distributed and the only hummingbird east of the Mississippi River. If you have relatives in the west, they are entertained by over 10 different species of this unique bird. Our ruby weighs about as much as

Smuttynose Brewing Company’s Kindest Find Imperial Red Ale

  When you think of New Hampshire brewers, what companies come to mind? Well of course, we have a Bud plant in Merrimack and Sam Adams is everywhere. And there are now over 40 breweries of all sizes around the state. But one of the more popular beers you’ll find on the shelves or in

British Conservatives Sweep Back to Power/Defy Naysayers

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS–Defying dire polls, deflating many media pundits, and derailing a left-wing lurch from the Labor Party, Prime Minister David Cameron Conservative Party swept back into power for a second term with a shock election win and a reinvigorated majority. Cameron’s victory was all the sweeter as

Not In The Mood

I knew it wasn’t a good idea this morning to write this column about turning fifty-nine and a half this week. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I may even have had a little too much cheese before dinner. I’m sure you know the feeling. But write it I must, since this is