Smuttynose Brewing Co.’s S’Muttonator Double Bock Beer


New Hampshire is winning the race… as it seems, in beer brewing and consumption of the same. We are #1 and proud of it! It is always something that is in flux and needing attention. But that is where you all come in… looking for the best beer in NH.
As Smuttynose has consistently led the NH brew scene with exciting creations, as consumers, we are just so envious of their ability.Smuttynose_Smuttonator_SML Within the new brewery in Hampton, there lies creative genius in brewing that can appeal to every customer who gains in their efforts. It is said that their brew ‘nerds’ live off-site in a place where they constantly try to come up with new and innovative ideas for recipes to please their customers.
You can find out more about their offerings on or at their website
This series on Smuttynose draws attention to their creations and lets you know of what they are brewing up.
“S’muttonator” is in its second season of production. As a home brewer, this beer is especially interesting. It exemplifies what a brew smells like when you are brewing. This is to say that when you are brewing, the malt and hops combine to make an especially wonderful aroma. This essence is captured by this beer. If you have never smelled this experience, you will otherwise truly love this brew.
At 9.8% ABV, S’muttonator will bring you to a new level of appreciation. Its malty mouth-feel and balance between hops and malt will captivate your senses. Poured into a generous pint glass, S’muttonator settles down somewhat quickly and with a frothy off-white head, gives way to a gorgeous deep amber beer which is fruity to the nose and maintains its sweetness forward of any hop note throughout. This beer is rich in flavor, aromatics and is well suited to pondering the day or a nice full-bodied meal. This is one of my favorite Smutty Big Beers and I will continue to enjoy it when available.
With the many other offerings from Smuttynose, you will always find it at Case-n-Keg, 5 Mill St, Meredith. Most on have rated this beer from 2.80+ to 4.5 out of a score of 5. Officially, they rate this at 90 out of 100 which is an ‘outstanding’ notation. Smuttynose continues to produce beautiful brews and S’muttonator is a ‘must-have’ bottle in your collector series!

Jim MacMillan is the owner of WonByOne Design of Meredith, NH, and is an avid imbiber of craft brews and a home brewer as well. Send him your recommendations and brew news to