Day: June 11, 2015

Czech Style Pilsner by Moat Mountain Brewing Co.

As we New Hampshire folk settle into spring and summer months, our tastes change. We look for lighter fare and things that won’t weigh us down as we move about getting chores done and preparing for the few summer months that provide so much joy in our lives. We also appreciate a lighter beer that

Poly Resin To The Rescue

The backyard birding industry has responded to customers with new, recycled materials in the manufacturing of their product lines. For years, bird feeders have incorporated poly-wood as they phase out the usage of lumber in hoppers and platform trays. Preserving the natural habitat of wild birds while providing humans with durable, attractive and virtually maintenance-free

Dave and The Mick

by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist I recently played a round of golf at Loudon Country Club with fellow Plymouth State alum Dave Long, a noted raconteur and fellow sportswriter. His weekly HIPPO column is just about as good as this one. We enjoyed a couple libations afterwards on the country club’s deck, and naturally

Highly Qualified?

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer “Two Thumbs Up!” “Five Stars!” “Nine out of Ten!” Consumer-driven rankings and professional assessments of services and products are a ubiquitous part of our buying experience in every major area except one: Public education. This must change if we are ever to improve the system we depend upon