Poly Resin To The Rescue


The backyard birding industry has responded to customers with new, recycled materials in the manufacturing of their product lines. For years, bird feeders have incorporated poly-wood as they phase out the usage of lumber in hoppers and platform trays. Preserving the natural habitat of wild birds while providing humans with durable, attractive and virtually maintenance-free backyard décor is a win-win situation for all parties concerned.
The bird bath industry is the last of the wild bird product lines to enter this stage of industrial development.
For decades, concrete and terra-cotta were the standard materials used in the production of pedestal bird baths. Thick and heavy attributes played a large role in their attractiveness to shoppers. A variety of colors and designs made these popular in post-war suburban backyards and gardens.
As the cost of natural materials increased, manufacturers initiated a search for man made substitutes to satisfy customer demands for lighter, less expensive and easy to clean bath products. The introduction of poly resin was born. This recycled material can be produced in large quantities, unlimited colors and provides a non-porous surface for easier maintenance than concrete and terra-cotta.
These newest bird baths allow you to firmly attach the basin to the pedestal. The most common complaint about traditional, heavy bird baths is the inability to keep the water-filled basins from falling off the pedestals, causing instant breakages. Millions of backyards are graveyards to empty bird bath pedestals!
The new line of poly resin bird baths are lightweight and easy to carry. Instead of the need to drag heavy water hoses to earlier concrete bird bath locations, you now simply bring the bath to the hose. The composite material does not require heavy scrubbing like its heavier competition.
Each poly resin bath consists of a hollow pedestal that allow you to add sand or cat litter to attain the weight requirement of your choice. Large, round bases add to the stability of these marvelous garden accessories. If for any reason these new age bird baths tip over, you simply upright it and fill it back up with water. If your traditional concrete bath is knocked over for any reason, you end up with another empty, concrete pedestal. As an added bonus, the poly resin material can withstand the four seasons of New England weather.
The next time you are in pursuit of another replacement concrete or terra-cotta bird bath top basin, think outside the box and enjoy the better value and ease of a poly resin bird bath. Your birds will thank you for a cleaner solution.
Enjoy your birds!

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