Day: June 18, 2015

Bill Bernsen – Found Object Art & Assemblages

By Kimberly J.B. Smith Contributing Writer A few months ago, I made a visit to the home gallery of Bill Bernsen. You can’t miss it – sculptures indoors and out. A plethora of repurposed metals – sometimes somewhat representational and others more ethereal. There is much to see and I can assure you that something

Time For A Change

  I was reading that in Concord, New Hampshire they recently unearthed a time capsule that was buried fifty years ago. Fifty years ago? Really? Leading up to this momentous day there were a few news stories about the supposed anticipation that was building as people anxiously awaited the cracking open of the time capsule

“Cultural Cleansing” In Iraq And Syria

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS—Describing the situation as a “collapse of law and order” in the territories controlled by the self-proclaimed rebel Republics, and amid on- going hostilities between the Ukrainian government troops and Russian backed separatists, a scathing new UN report overviews a fast deteriorating human rights situation in

Mount Success 1954 Plane Crash Site

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer An early start driving up Success Pond Road all but guaranteed that we wouldn’t see any ATVs out four wheeling. I guess there is no need for most people to get out of the house before 8am on a Saturday. About 6 miles from Berlin we turned right, up the