Day: September 15, 2015

Syria’s Migrant Wave Challenges Europe,

 by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS – The scenes of Syrians fleeing their homeland and pouring on to the roads and rail links of Greece and the Balkans create an almost Biblical image. Exodus comes to mind. Not since WWII have such a large surge of refugees fleeing civil war and

Ivory Tower Of Babel

  by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer It took them more than a week to recognize they had become laughingstocks, but University of Tennessee president Joe DiPietro finally ordered the Knoxville campus to remove a pronoun guide posted by the public university’s Vice Chancellor for Diversity. The guide had made the Knoxville campus the latest

Drink Up!

Did you hear about “The Bartender’s Black Book” here in New Hampshire? I didn’t think so. It is quite a scandalous affair that some have tried to sweep under the cashier station. It seems the state spent $3,000 (in reality, we all spent $3,000) to print a book that employees at state liquor stores could

Double IPA – White Birch Brewing

As we slip back toward fall, beer imbibers start to change their choices in brews to purchase or order at restaurants and taverns. When temps start to drift to cooler zones, we think like the wild beasts preparing for winter. We tend to eat more hearty foods, enjoy seasonal traditions and partake of the weightier