Day: October 13, 2015

HOMETOWN DOUBLE BROWN – Henniker Brewing Co.

Well it seems there are quite a few breweries in New Hampshire… 48 and counting! But there are only a few that are capturing this reviewer’s attention. One of those is Henniker Brewing Company in the one-and-only Henniker, NH. This is the second article in as many reviews exclaiming their brewing virtues and the sixth

Winter Is Now

Each season of the year brings with it new reasons for feeding our backyard birds. Fall provides its own unique pleasures, while ensuring future enjoyment for the bird watcher. Although there is an abundant supply of natural foods available, such as mature grains, seeds, berries and insects, keeping your feeders full during the autumn months

Caption Contest Photo #564

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Syrian Refugee Crisis A Challenge And Threat To Europe

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS—The almost Biblical scenes of mass humanity surging through Europe from the Balkans to the Baltic have created jarring images as we see a mass movement of displaced Syrians and Iraqis flooding into what they see as a Promised Land, the European Union. Thus as civil


 by Mike Moffett  Weirs Times Columnist Last week the New York Times reported that an employee at DraftKings, one of the two major football fantasy companies, admitted to inadvertently releasing data before the start of the third week of NFL games. The employee, a midlevel content manager, won $350,000 at a rival site, FanDuel, that

Lie To Me

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing The storyline seems intriguing enough: A doctor famous for exploiting body language to discern the truth grows rich using his skills to solve crimes. The television show “Lie to Me” ran from 2009-2011, so the protagonist, Dr. Lightman, isn’t around today for any “ripped from the headlines” episodes. I’m

A Slice Of Tradition

Contrary to popular New Hampshire native’s beliefs, there are a variety of different Flatlanders living here in the Granite State. I belong to the New York Flatlanders. We do sympathize with those Flatlanders from Massachusetts, Connecticut and other regions when it comes to matters of adjustment to life here. Still, there are certain traditions that