Day: October 20, 2015

Granite Stout – 603 Brewery

Welcome to fall colors and a never-ending supply of new beers for this season. It seems New Hampshire comes alive in the fall, partly due to a change in climate and leaf color, and partly for the reason to drink different style beers. Octoberfest is upon us and so is pumpkin beer. But we are


 by Mike Moffett  Weirs Times Columnist BASKETBALL, GOLF, AND NANTUCKET Sports bring people together. The Olympic Games unite countries. High school tournaments unite towns. And golf can reunite college alums, friends, and teammates―also affectionately known as “cronies.” Such a reunion occurred for me during Columbus Day weekend. The common denominator was basketball and the common

Northern New Hampshire Hiking

The trailhead parking areas in far Northern New Hampshire, even on this busy holiday weekend, only had a car or two. The roads were empty and the leaves were more bright and colorful than they were a few hours south back home. Bryan and I met in the Gorham Wal-Mart parking lot and I drove

Caption Contest Photo #565

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UN Security Council’s Musical Chairs

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS—In its annual selection process, the full General Assembly has picked five countries to serve as non-permanent members on the UN Security Council. Importantly, Egypt, Japan and Ukraine as well as Senegal and Uruguay were chosen as the new members who will serve two year terms

It’s Snow Time

There…I said it. Veteran backyard birders do not need a calendar to know the time of year. We do not need to watch the media outlets to understand that a season of change is rapidly approaching. Back to school ads have been around for weeks, much to the chagrin of children everywhere. If you are

Tenth Time Is The Charm

Now that the race for governor of New Hampshire is wide open, I’m feeling pretty confident about my chances this year. This year marks a very special and emotional campaign for me. This will be my tenth consecutive attempt at winning that corner office at the State House. (I hear the bathrooms are spectacular, but