Hop Harvest – Great Rhythm Brewing Co.


If you really like beer, you might enjoy many different styles or just a few. The person who is a ‘well-rounded’ beer drinker really enjoys the diversity of beer. Whether it is light or dark, simple or heavy, bitter or sweet, there is a beer out there that will fit the style. So, today we speak of hops and how they influence the outcome of a brew. Normal IPA’s (India Pale Ales) have a little more bite than your normal pale ale. But there is yet another IPA style to be examined… wet hopped beers really take it to the next level in both bittering and aroma. We will look at Great Rhythm’s Hop Harvest to discover what makes it unique.GreatRhythm_Hop-Harvest_sml

Great Rhythm Brewing Co. is located in Portsmouth, NH and distributes product in 22 oz bottles. They have been brewing for the public since 2012. Owned by Scott and Kristen Thornton, this couple has a great future in a popular location for beer. In early February, 2013, they poured their first samples at Portsmouth Brew Week. This was a big deal for them since anyone who is anybody important related to beer IS AT Portsmouth Brew’s kickoff on that Saturday at the Gas Light. And they were well received, which of course made them proud of their efforts.

You can research more on GR at their website, greatrhythmbrewing.com

“Hop Harvest” is rated at 63 IBU (International Bittering Units) with a 6.3% ABV. It is wet hopped with fresh Centennial hops from a grower in Maine. The aroma when your nose hits the top of the glass is pure and floral citrus. Its deep golden color is inviting and beckons the partaker to enter in. The frothy off-white head is generous upon the first pour. This head will lace the glass nicely as you venture through your first sips. A light bready and malty character is first realized while your senses remain on the citrusy quality that persists. Some caramel peeks through but is pushed back by the earthy hop quality of this one. Lingering afterwards is the aroma in your taste buds still of citrus. A pint glass does this beer well as you want to keep smelling the hop goodness throughout.

With three year-round and three specialty beers, this is a brewery to become friends with. You can find it at Case-n-Keg, as well as other fine beer stores, but act fast as this is a limited release. Two on BeerAdvocate.com have rated this beer 3.8 and 4.16 out of a score of 5. It has not received an official BA rating yet. Untappd.com folks have a little more to say about it which may help you make your purchase decision. Most are enamored by it.

As the co-owners state on their website, ‘live life to the fullest and enjoy great friends, great music and great craft beer.’ We know they are enjoying one of these for sure!

Jim MacMillan is the owner of WonByOne Design of Meredith, NH, and is an avid imbiber of craft brews and a home brewer as well. Send him your recommendations and brew news to wickedbrews@weirs.com