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I have to admit, I love art that pushes the limits and challenges me intellectually. Case in point, check out this week’s artist, Sharon Zimmerman, who exhibits at the Lakes Region Art Association gallery at Tanger Outlets in Tilton.

Classically trained, Sharon Zimmerman is a painter who works in collage, in fabric and more. She recently won first prize at a juried exhibit at Vynnart in Meredith with a glass and tile composition. Sharon is constantly demonstrating her depth of understanding of mediums that include metals and glass. If you want a unique work of art, come see Sharon Zimmerman at the gallery!

Featured in the paper this week is “Henhouse Hooch.” This piece was inspired by some old and fortuitously aged newspaper found at Sharon’s historical house. The stories on these pages presented themselves as fodder for Sharon’s creative mind. “Henhouse Hooch” juxtaposes a martini with a rifle and a story about a man who brewed in, of all places, a henhouse! Is this ingenuity or lawlessness or just gross?

“Henhouse Hooch” by Sharon Zimmerman.
“Henhouse Hooch” by Sharon Zimmerman.

O.K., forget about the story and just enjoy the composition. The layering of Sharon’s paintings over the story adds a newer story and a pop of color. The articles in the paper serve as a backdrop for Sharon’s imagery. This layering technique creates an intellectual juxtaposition. Additionally, this piece is one of a series Sharon created. Yes, there are others!

You can also check out Sharon’s page on the LRAA website.

Additionally, the Dreamland Machine Quilter’s website. However, there are some incredible works by Sharon that are not on either site. My suggestion, make an appointment to see Sharon at the Tilton gallery and she can show you more of her works in person.

If you are interested in becoming a collector of an artist who is enthusiastic about her art and will share that enthusiasm with you, then be sure to stop by!

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