Day: December 23, 2015

Vendel Imperial Stout – Kelsen Brewing Co.

Nestled in a conspicuous row of stores of a small mall in Derry, NH, hides Kelsen Brewing, a nano brewery who is getting noticed. In business only a few years, friends Paul and Erik had made some homebrew together and enjoyed the process so much that they decided to start doing it professionally. Since then,


 by Mike Moffett  Weirs Times Columnist STATISTICS AND STREAKS Numbers are vital to modern sport. Statisticians keep track of anything and everything. Interpreting these numbers is both a science and an art. Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane famously used statistical analysis to build a winning Moneyball team, but there are always those pesky intangibles

Where Do Birds Sleep In Winter?

Have you ever wondered where birds sleep, especially on those cold winter nights? The generic answer is that birds sleep anywhere they safely can stay warm. Some ducks sleep in icy water. Bobwhites prefer to sleep on the ground. Crows and turkeys, however, like to sleep in trees. Cavity nesters, such as screech owls, are

Where’s Winter?

by Tim Moore   As a full time ice fishing guide no one is keeping an eye on the temperatures more than I am. These days when a client calls to book an ice fishing trip the first question they ask is, “will we have any ice this year?” The answer is yes. One thing