Jean V. Kennedy – Capturing the Essence

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I love Jean’s iris watercolor painting. Ethereal, fluid and exquisitely composed, Jean has a way of rendering the essence of each subject that she tackles. The iris is my favorite flower and Jean nailed this subject!

“Iris” by Jean V. Kennedy
“Iris” by Jean V. Kennedy

Arriving in New Hampshire by way of England, New York City and then Louisiana, Jean is now firmly established in the arts of the Lakes Region. In fact, Jean is the President of the Lakes Region Art Association and brings a thoughtful and experienced leadership to the role. I first met Jean when I joined the group and she graciously guided me in the protocols of my first show. Suffice it to say, that was many shows ago.
Jean’s favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylics and oils. Her watercolors feature flowers and birds and they are not to miss. Watercolor painting, for those who have not tried this, can be quite difficult because they can easily look overworked. Jean’s watercolors are simply, just right.
The artistic journey of Jean V. Kennedy includes awards in both Louisiana and New Hampshire. Her work can be seen at both the LRAA Gallery at Tanger in Tilton and the Vynnart Gallery in Meredith. One particular acknowledgement was a Best in Show at a Louisiana Orchid Society show. Here, Jean’s ability to capture the beauty of one of nature’s gifts was recognized and celebrated.
To quote one of the artist’s processes, Jean tells us, “One of my techniques is a negative painting process called painting outside the lines.” This strategy allows an open ended process of having no preconceived notion of an end result and no photograph to copy. In this process, the artist alone visualizes and constructs what will become the work.
Jean’s work includes originals, prints and cards. Visit her Tilton or Meredith gallery to add her to your collection. You can take a peek at Her email is I invite you to check out the beauty of Jean V. Kennedy’s beautiful work.

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