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When England was starting to colonize India, the settlers there were missing some of the favorite things from their homeland… among those items was English beer. When English supply ships set out on the long journey to India, they sent wooden barrels filled with finely produced pale ale. But upon arriving months later with the goods, the settlers tasted the supplied ales and found them ‘skunked’ or spoiled. Time and warm storage conditions were the villains responsible.

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Back home, some bright brewer deduced that more ‘bitters’ would keep the beer tastier for the long voyages. They produced and shipped the beer to the English in India and happy smiles were seen from then on. This was the beginning of the IPA beer style.
Great North Aleworks is a 20 barrel brewery located in Manchester, NH and owned by Rob and Lisa North, both from Canada (aka Great White North). They both have had many high-score homebrewing achievements. During 2013, Rob worked at Newburyport Brewing in Rhode Island while they made their plans and finally decided to open their own brewery in 2014. With a dedication to flavor and purity, Great North is making their efforts known quickly around New Hampshire. Besides their IPA, look for their Amber Lager, Robust Vanilla Porter and Smokin’ Rauchbier (smoked ale). You can find these in 12 oz 6 pks cans, rent 1/2 barrel or 1/6 barrel kegs, or get growlers at their Manchester brewery. Visit them at their website at www.greatnorthaleworkscom.
Great North IPA is a golden delicious looking pale ale that should be poured into a clear pint glass to fully appreciate its beauty. The head is generous and maintains its white frothiness for most of the session. Your nose will pick up a voluptuous amount of hop aroma as you approach your first sip. Both Citra and Cascade hops greet your tastebuds in waves of balanced malt and hop combinations. It has a medium mouthfeel and clean peppery finish as you partake. This West Coast IPA style will keep you coming back for the taste and bittering flavors and aromas.
This 7% ABV treat along with others in the Great North family can be found at Case-n-Keg in Meredith and Laconia and other fine craft beer providers. Make sure you keep an eye on Great North as we are sure to see many more Great North treasures!

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