Thinking Big

A Fool In NH Column Heading

Like many of you, I have my dreams; visions of a different life that can only be fulfilled by winning over half a billion dollars.
No, ten million, twenty million…even a hundred million dollars couldn’t get me motivated enough to have to drive to the convenience store, park my car, get out, walk inside and wait maybe a minute or two for my turn to buy a ticket; I have other things to do,You see, there are things I can do with a over a billion dollars that I could never do with one hundred million, never mind a measly ten million. This has been my goal for years now.
To settle on the dreams that come with a mere hundred million would really be a disappointment to me.
I read a self help book years ago informing me that the only way to truly get what you want is to constantly think specific thoughts and never let those thoughts diminish. So, I have been thinking hard for years about winning over half a billion dollars.
Since I read that book I have been saying to myself daily, usually right before falling off to sleep and first thing upon waking up in the morning: “This year I will win over half a billion dollars by stopping at a convenience store on the way home from work, standing in a short line (notice I said short, that is an important feature in vocalizing my desire as it gives me plenty of time for television the rest of the evening) then bringing the tickets home and waiting for my numbers to be drawn.”
I figure that I am most likely the only person in the forty-four states that are involved in Powerball who is phrasing this desire in exactly this way, separating my unique thoughts out for the universe to grab onto and to give me exactly what it is I want.
You have to remember that a Powerball jackpot getting to over half a billion dollars doesn’t happen often and that is to my advantage when it comes to competing against others in the positive thinking area.
Most people spend their time just before bed and upon arising repeating the very generic: “I am going to go to the convenience store after work, get out of my car, wait in line and buy a Powerball ticket which I will win.”
This is ineffective on so many levels.
First, you are not specifying the specific jackpot amount you will win and when, so it may be years from now until you win and, secondly, it might only be a jackpot for a hundred million or, worse, only ten million.
Thirdly, you didn’t designate a short time in the convenience store line so you may end up there longer than you think and possibly miss part of “The Bachelor” before the first commercial break.
My way is much more than just thinking positively. It is thinking correctly. I am being specific on the exact outcome and the amount I am going to win and all of the steps that it will take to do that, while also making sure the rest of my trivial pursuits also fall into line.
Also, with my positive thinking in proper perspective, I don’t have to foolishly waste my time chasing after insignificant Powerball prizes of only a few tens of millions, but I wait until the Universe goes out of its way to listen to my consistent nagging and lets the Powerball jackpot grow to my specifications; it is then that I strike.
This week was the time and I was ready. I watched and I waited and I never gave up on my daily affirmations of what my exact success would be.
As the Powerball creeped over half a billion dollars, I smiled. I knew it was mine. I left work, found a parking space near the door at the local convenience store (another aspect I focused on) had only one other person in line in front of me and then I bought my single ticket; I knew it would be all I’d need.
I went home and slept peacefully, knowing when I awoke my wishes would be horses and I would be flying high.
I didn’t win.
At first I was disappointed and angry with the universe, but as I thought about it the rest of the day I came to realize that I wasn’t quite specific enough in my affirmations. Besides all of my work in daily thinking, I realized I never put a specific date on my goals of winning over half a billion dollars.
Lesson learned.
So, today, I begin again with new affirmations and a new hope.
The next Powerball jackpot that is over half a billion will be mine. Of that I have no doubt.
I’m just sorry now that I didn’t focus on over a billion.

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