Day: January 28, 2016

Caption Contest Photo #579

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Nepenthe Barrel-Aged Wee-Heavy

As stated before, winter is the time to sample heavier beers that go with that season. There are so many styles that fit this category that one might get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of heavier brews to try. One style that caught my eye recently made me think of the homelands of Scotland (my

Ski and Ride with Friends At Crotched Mountain

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer The cold and snowy weather didn’t keep us from getting together last week to ski and snowboard. In fact it made us want to hit the slopes even more knowing that super snow conditions would be there waiting for us. The cold weather has been perfect for making snow and

Better Uses

I arrived home from work the other day and noticed that something just didn’t seem right. My mailbox, an old rectangular metal box with a hinged top lid, seemed in distress. Designed originally to handle your common everyday envelope and even the occasional folded magazine or catalogue, my mailbox now had an abnormally large postcard