Day: February 10, 2016

Belly of the Beast by Rockingham Brewing Company

Recently, I have reviewed beers that were at the end of their seasonal excursion and dashed the hopes of interested readers looking for these elusive beverages. Alas, I will try to do better from now… Choosing beers that are in year-round production makes for the sure bet that you’ll find these bottles waiting for you

Survival Class

As I’m sure that you can surmise by the warm and snow deprived winter we have had so far, this has not been a very good year for FATSO. For those of you unfamiliar, FATSO is the acronym for Flatlanders Adjusting To Solitary Oblivion, a support group for new transplants to the area to help

Austria – Cross Country Skiing In The Seefeld Olympic Region

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer The direct flight to Munich takes just under 7 hours and Germany is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time. I knew I must sleep or I would suffer head-hurting jet lag when we landed. Charlie and I donned the eye masks, pushed in earplugs and cuddled our neck with the