Day: March 10, 2016

O’Sullivan Stout by Beara Irish Brewing Co

As we once again celebrate St. Patty’s Day, we sport our green apparel and consider heading off in search of an Irish pub nearby to hoist a pint or three. Tradition has it that Patrick was sent to Ireland by the current Pope of the time to rid the land of evil. Patrick cursed that

Not Spring Yet And Leap Day Hike

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer Still pining for snow. Skiers to snowmobilers and snowshoers to snowman builders—our hearts ache for snow and cold temperatures like Mother Nature gave us last winter. We want it easy. We want our backyard full of snow so we can stomp a snowshoe track between our own trees, ride on

The Committees Of “5” and “15”

by Robert Hanaford Smith Weirs Times Contributing Writer Just to be clear, I am not giving the report by the committee of five or the report of the fifteen; I’m just reporting on the report of the five that was published in the Granite Monthly issue of December, 1895. Committees have been around for a long