Day: March 31, 2016

An 1885 Landslide

  by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Weirs Times Contributing Writer Snow in large amounts sliding down the side of a mountain is called an avalanche. Earth, usually wet earth, commonly called mud, sliding down a mountain is called a landslide. Anyone who is at all knowledgeable about Crawford Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Craft Beer Week 2016!

The annual event known as New Hampshire Craft Beer Week celebrates the ever-growing world of craft-brewed New Hampshire beer. We have been nationally acclaimed as the America’s top consumers of beer and have supported the establishment of over 55 breweries within the New Hampshire boundaries in just a few short years. It has gained so

Belgium Latest Target Of Jihadi Terror

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS—The tide of hate has come to Brussels with three terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital. Islamic State (ISIL) jihadi militants carried out coordinated bombings on the Brussels Airport as well as the Metro killing at least 31 people and wounding hundreds of civilians. Coincidentally just