Day: April 7, 2016

Remy’s Rye Rockingham Brewing Co.

Looking at the horizon of New Hampshire breweries, it seems endless. Almost every week or so, a new one is added to the list. Still behind Vermont in numbers, we are steadily gaining and each one has its uniqueness and style to offer. So, today we look at our friends at Rockingham. Rockingham Brewing Company,

Clippers, Celtics and L.A.

 by Mike Moffett  Weirs Times Columnist For NBA fans, “Boston vs. Los Angeles” evokes imagery of the Celtics vs. the Lakers—probably the league’s most storied rivalry. Russell vs. Chamberlain. Bird vs. Magic. Paul Pierce vs. Kobe Bryant. But this is 2016. Kobe’s retiring and the Lakers stink with the worst record in the 15-team Western

Soldiers Stuck In The Mud

  by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Weirs Times Contributing Writer There was plenty of what might be called ordinary news in the Wednesday issue of The News and Critic newspaper of March 6, 1918, including political gatherings, sports events, NH fish and game activities, the weather report, church meetings, death notices, along with information about the

Palmyra Freed; Syria Still Threatened

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS—The modern day barbarians have been routed from the ancient city of Palmyra, but the destruction left in the wake of the nearly year long Islamic State occupation has been near catastrophic. After five years of conflict, war torn Syria sees the fruits of limited cease