Day: May 19, 2016

Mowglis and Oregon Mountains Cardigan Mountain Area

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer Not far from the north shore of Newfound Lake is Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, a glorious geological site carved out of rock by the Cockermouth River. This area has been a favorite place to sightsee and swim for generations. Nearby are hiking trails that were established and once maintained by

Defeating Global Terrorism: Disrupting Its Narrative

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS – Stressing that terrorism “can only be defeated by a sustained and comprehensive approach” involving the active participation and collaboration of all States, the UN Security Council hosted an open debate on developing a counter-narrative campaign to in effect dissuade, discourage and ultimately defuse this

Simply Red Ale by Lithermans Limited

With the growing amount of breweries opening recently in New Hampshire (it seems almost everyday), this column never goes without fresh ammo to look after. The styles and varieties each brewer offers makes residents of the Granite State proud to say they are leading the charge and making sure that we all have enough refreshment

I Wrote This Column!

The famous philosopher Descartes once said “I think therefore I am” in order to help us understand the complicated thoughts about our own existence. Today we just take selfies. At first the concept of a selfie made sense. If you were on vacation somewhere you had never been before and were in front of a