Day: June 15, 2016

Round Pond And Mount Mack A Fun Day In The Belknaps

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer The weather was a little iffy. Weatherman said it might rain but we bet on it to stay partially cloudy and we won the bet. We opted for a different kind of route by taking advantage of Camp Bell not being is session yet and starting our hike at the

Exposing Secrets

Psst!! Flatlanders!! I’m here to let you in on a few secrets. I’m one myself, you know..a Flatlander, I mean, not a secret. I moved here in 1985 from Long Island, New York. I’ve lived here now over thirty years and since 1995, through these pages, I have been, among other things, explaining how I

Renovate Fenway Park!

 by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist An annual pilgrimage to Boston’s Fenway Park is mandatory for a fan to remain in good standing in Red Sox Nation. I made mine on June 4th for a BoSox-Toronto Blue Jay showdown. The historical edifice remains unique—the only venue in the American League where the likes of Babe