Dank-A-Sawrus Rex IPA from Burnt Timber Brewing


Burnt Timber_Dank-A-Sawrus Rex IPA_smlIt’s a common occurrence and repeated all too often. Two or three people meet and chat about their love for making great beer. They brew a few batches together and their results are better than expected. They are pumped and decide to go into business together… and this happens all the time. Some don’t succeed but sometimes, others get lucky. Or better yet, they flourish!
Burnt Timber Brewing was just licensed earlier this year to open their nano brewery in Wolfeboro, NH. Being a small batch craft brewery, their outcomes are often exclusive and very creative. Attention to detail and opting for a tweak in a recipe to make a difference is generally the preferred method. They are also a farm brewery and try to grow as much of the extra ingredients for their beer as possible. Spent grains are fed to the happy hogs in the pen. They try to support other local farms as well. Bottling in 22 oz bottles and 1/6 barrel restaurant kegs, Burnt Timber is on their way to fame and (hopefully) fortune. Find out more about them at www.facebook.com/burnt.timber.brewing.
Dank is nothing as the term might imply. And the reference to a dinosaur is due to the over-the-top hop character of this beer, boasting 110 IBU (International Bittering Units). As a guide, most IPAs are in the 40-65 IBU neighborhood, some getting up to 85. But 110 gets your attention quickly. This being stated, you need to enjoy some hoppy beers to understand them. People need to take time to appreciate their style and goodness.
Unfiltered and hazy, this golden brew boasts an excited white foamy head which comes and dissipates soon after. As promised, there are a ton of Amarillo and Citra hops with abundant floral notes ebbing from the glass. Lemon and orange rind seem to also greet you. If you are not ready for your first sip, it might be considered an assault on your senses. But wait… the next sip isn’t too bad. And then you start to settle in to the hoppy-fruity joy of this sunshine. With a back bittering but fruity front, this beer actually starts to taste really, really good.
With a 6.5% ABV, Dank-A-Sawrus Rex might just be one of those beers that you see on a menu and say “I need to try this with my food.” Pairing great beer with great food is an art form so consider keeping that in mind when you are out with friends.
A few who have found this on Untappd.com have given high accolades. Because Burnt Timber is a very young brewery and self distributed around the southern Lakes Region, it may take time to find their products. But seek them out and look for their line of craft brewed wonders in 22 oz bottles or on tap. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Jim MacMillan is the owner of WonByOne Design of Meredith, NH, and is an avid imbiber of craft brews and a home brewer as well. Send him your recommendations and brew news to wickedbrews@weirs.com