Covered Bridge Pale Ale by Squam Brewing


Squam_Covered Bridge Pale Ale_smlHere are some things you can depend on in the Lakes Region: sunshine (somewhere), clean air, clean water, good food (depending on the cook), taxes (especially on lake-front property), and among many other things, an abundance of good beer to try. One other thing we can depend on is great tasting brews from Squam Brewing.
Squam Brewing is located in Holderness, NH. Owner John Glidden started Squam in 2010 and knows the personal satisfaction of solely producing a fine product. Being a 3 barrel nano brewery, John has full control of his recipes and is known for his superior consistency. Each of his 13 different beer styles match the season perfectly. They are sold in 22 oz “bomber” bottles with gorgeous labels painted by relative, Deb Samia. You can find out more at their website:
America pale ale styles are quite commonplace, especially in New England. They are known for the easy drinkability, smoothness, malty character and tame alcohol content. Covered Bridge exemplifies this style and takes it a bit further. This coppery golden-hued, bottle conditioned liquid goodness has a marvelously white and creamy head and an above average malt note in the nose as you approach the glass rim. You will pick up slight bready notes, well balanced with very light hop character so you are able to concentrate on the grains. Your tastes are rewarded with large amounts of malt including caramel flavors that tend to lead the flavor recognitions. You will also pick up floral, fruity and more biscuit notes as you continue, understanding the medium mouthfeel adds to the experience. Satisfying to the end without a letdown, Covered Bridge Pale Ale is a 6% ABV summery treat you may want to repeat often.
Many on have rated this beer at 3.20 to 3.95 out of a score of 5. It has not received an official BA rating as of this writing. Others on seem to agree which means that Squam lovers are in good company. To fully appreciate Squam’s efforts, you should try them all. Each creation is lovingly produced with the zeal of a man who knows brewing and wants to share his results with you all.
John self-distributes his creations, which means you will always find it at Case-n-Keg in both Meredith (who is looking for a beer guru job applicant) as well as other fine beer stores in the greater Lakes Region of NH. Make sure you check Squam out!

Jim MacMillan is the owner of WonByOne Design of Meredith, NH, and is an avid imbiber of craft brews and a home brewer as well. Send him your recommendations and brew news to