Great Rhythm Brewing’s Expansion


New Hampshire’s brewing industry is alive and well. Evidence of this is seen almost every day in one way or another. Whether it is a new brewer opening their doors for the first time or an existing brewery growing because of their success, craft brewing is carving a growing segment of the business of beer. And when you see success in a marketplace which is very competitive, you know they are making a difference and their products are making people happy.

Scott Thornton owner of Great Rhythm Brewing Co.
Scott Thornton owner of Great Rhythm Brewing Co.

This is the case with Great Rhythm Brewing company in Portsmouth. Scott and Kristen Thornton met at UNH while studying separate majors and fell in love. Although they had different paths in the business world, they shared a common love of well made craft beer. Inevitably, it was this common interest which would lead them away from the busy engineering and finance world and allow them to pursue a joint effort in craft brewing.
They started slowly perfecting their craft beer recipes in 2012 and having their initial offerings made through other brewers in the region. Knowing how to gauge their business progression based on quality and revenue made them more successful. They began to have a following and the Great Rhythm name was gaining traction in the fight for shelf space. It wasn’t long before they opened their own nano brewery space with a tiny tasting area. Going to beer fests and being a part of other beer events boosted their brand recognition.

The Great Rhythm Brewing Company's new location in Portsmouth.
The Great Rhythm Brewing Company’s new location in Portsmouth.
Where great beer is made at Great Rhythm Brewing in Portsmouth.
Where great beer is made at Great Rhythm Brewing in Portsmouth.

When they decided to can their beers through a mobile cannery because cans keep beer fresher than bottles, they saw a boost in their sales. With the release of their Resonation Pale Ale (reviewed not long ago within this column), a definite path was forged toward greatness. Since this offering was so well received, they set their sights on a much grander scale.
Locating a vacant warehouse space behind Ace Lumber on Bartlett Street and not far from the busy Portsmouth traffic circle, Great Rhythm began their current expansion and slowly designed what is now a 10 barrel brew house and tasting room. It has an industrial feel where patrons are surrounded by the bright stainless steel vessels they create their magic within.
With their grand opening just last Saturday, Great Rhythm Brewing has reached a major goal of success and pride. And with this expansion, they are releasing three new products that also hold great promise; Cutaway with its lemon and citrus overtones, Squeeze which holds an orange/citrus aroma and HiFi which will present tropical citrus tones to the nose. Their tasting room is open from noon to 6 pm, Wednesday and Thursday, noon to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday. Make it a point to get there and try their awesome beer!

Jim MacMillan is the owner of WonByOne Design of Meredith, NH, and is an avid imbiber of craft brews and a home brewer as well. Send him your recommendations and brew news to