Day: October 12, 2016

New UN Secretary General: Guterres Gets It

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS—White smoke has emerged from the Security Council, where the powerful fifteen member body, has selected a new UN Secretary General from among a dozen declared candidates. Intense diplomatic deliberations among the powers, hectic lobbying among the candidates, and rife speculation in the international community came

Just Doing My Job

One of the more important things a governor does, besides attend luncheons and dinners, is to sign or veto bills that they don’t read once they land on the governor’s desk from the House and Senate. The reason governors don’t read the bills they sign or veto is because they have already made up their

Get Outside

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer Autumn is a big deal in New England. November is the point at which most New Englanders begin thinking about winter. Cold nights turn into warm days, shorts and t-shirts have turned into pants and sweatshirts, and the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. It is impossible to