Divided Nation

A Fool In NH Column Heading

It might just be the most divisive time in our Nation’s history.
Never before have people been so diametrically opposed and there doesn’t seem much hope of the two sides ever meeting.
We have seen it all in this country.
The great paper or plastic debate which still rages on, yet civilly.
The cable versus satellite war where we have all learned to just get along.
The designated hitter rule, which reached a compromise agreeable to all sides.
It seems that no matter how separated we have been on any issue, we have always, as Americans, found a way to compromise and to get along.
But this time it just feels different.
Of course, I am talking about a recent event that has been bubbling for the past few weeks and has finally come to head.…are early Black Friday sales really necessary?
Those old school thinkers who believe that the Black Friday sales should be only on the day after Thanksgiving use tradition as their compass.
For generations…well, at least one anyway… enjoying a giant family meal together and then, after dessert, hurrying off to the local department store to wait online for hours with strangers in the hopes of saving a couple hundred dollars on a 60-inch HD TV which you really don’t need since your present 54-inch HD TV works just fine, has been the tradition and should not be messed with.
Those in favor of Early Black Friday sales, stress the need for real change as body counts have continued to mount at local hospitals, especially for those new to Black Friday sales; those who never put in the weeks of training beforehand, going to the department store and mapping out a game plan ahead of time, only to be caught in the rumble on the big day, coming away with nothing but costly medical bills.
The traditionalists claim that it is a right of passage where only the strong shoulf survive and the weak will have to suffer with that 54-inch HD TV until they learn the way.
Those who want change claim that there really is no need for the chaos and unbrotherly love of Black Friday and to stretch it out will make it possible for all to reap the rewards of really great discounts.
To the traditionalists dismay, the early Black Friday sales have already begun, but they are not going to take them lying down.
Protests have already sprung up in front of participating department stores across the country. Waiting outside for shoppers who have taken advantage of the early sales and hurling insults at them as they leave.
“It’s not my Black Friday!!” they scream while those who have taken advantage of the early sales stick out their tongues and wave their brand new, bargain basement price electronics in their face.
It’s an ugly scene for sure.
In a recent news story, one of the traditionalists was asked why they just don’t try out the new Black Friday sales, give them a chance, maybe they will come away with something they like.
“Umm…well…uh…I’m not sure.”
This time of year, there are even an inordinate amount of long, drawn out thesis length letters to the editor in the local dailies (mostly written by the same four people) either praising or condemning Early Black Friday sales. Of course, these do nothing to change anyone’s mind but just continue to inflame the issue.
Family and friends are at each other’s throats on Facebook over Early Black Friday sales. Thanksgiving dinner will be incredibly tense in some households this year. Especially the ones where half will be quickly finishing up dessert to rush to get online at the store and the other half will be gloating that they already have gotten what they need.
“Good, now I can have your second piece of Apple Pie.”
Like I said, it is getting very ugly.
I was never a fan of Black Friday, but I tolerated it as I sat back and watched to see what would happen. I’m ambivalent about the early Black Friday sales as well.
I’m more of the bent that I will do my shopping about a week before Christmas and not think twice about the whole Black Fridays debacle.
I know there are many like me, the invisible Christmas shoppers who have been mostly forgotten by the Black Friday people. We sit back and watch the chaos and relax.
We may not like the selection and prices left when it comes our turn to shop, but we are usually satisfied with what we come away with.
Maybe we will have our own special shopping day in the future, but in the meantime we are more than happy to sit back and watch the rest of you act foolish.