Month: February 2017

Single Speed IPL from Moat Mountain Brewing Co.

Usually by this time in the winter months of New Hampshire, you are either loving the snow (skiing, snowmobiling, xc skiing, etc) or you are VERY ready for spring! I must admit, I could be talked into a month-long trip south to haven from our season this year. But if you are a true Hampshirite,

First Pro Sports Games

 by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist Recent Facebook postings remind us that 2017 is a year for Red Sox commemorations—this being the 50th Anniversary of the pennant-winning 1967 Impossible Dream Boston team that created the modern Red Sox Nation. While young Sox fans have no recollection of that magical year they should better appreciate Boston’s

A NH Child’s Winter In The 1940’S

by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Weirs Times Contributing Writer In past columns I’ve written about scenes from my childhood during the spring, summer, and fall, so it seems advisable now to share some of the winter experiences while we are still in the season. New England country roads with dirt (sand and gravel) surfaces became sledding

“At Large” – Women’s Caucus Show

By Kimberly J.B. Smith Contributing Writer A spectacular show of large artworks is on display at the Gateway Gallery at Great Bay Community College at the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth now through March 26. The gallery serves as the entryway to the college complex. This is a juried show and 16 selections were chosen

Some Things

  A couple of weeks back I confessed that I didn’t have many ideas to write about. This week it’s a different story. It seems that being outside in the fresh air, cleaning up after yet another snow storm, can really clear out the mind and the sinuses. Here are a few ideas and random

Right To Wrong

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer It’s time to name names. It’s time to take off the gloves and fight back against those who hurt our state. It’s time for the NH GOP to draw a line in cement and demand that those who run for office as Republicans either toe it or run

Sweet Gliding at Gunstock

  by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer Lots of bright white snow and blue skies tempted us to skip out of work after lunch to go skiing. After all it was Valentine’s Day. Charlie and I were able to get on our way by 1:30 and the drive to Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford was just

Prep School Hoops

 by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist Granite Staters rightly take pride in Concord High grad Matt Bonner playing 12 seasons in the NBA. But did you know that no less than TEN alumni from Wolfeboro’s Brewster Academy have played in the NBA? Check out Brewster’s web site. The school’s captured four National Prep Championships since

90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewing

The word ‘Imperial’ brings to mind a combination of royalty and more than enough. Imperial is reserved for the best of something. Other forms of the word imply princely orientation or supremacy. In the beer world, it implies ‘bigness’ as in this is a big beer or ‘look out, this is a strong beer’. But

Walden And Chinook

by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Weirs Times Contributing Writer The students of the New Hampton Literary Institution (now New Hampton School ) along with interested townspeople, were outdoors on the campus eagerly waiting for the arrival of some special visitors. It was late in the winter of 1923-24 with snow on the ground and as the

Ukraine—Europe’s Forgotten Conflict

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS -The rumble of artillery and the cracks of Kalashnikovs shatter the Winter chill. The refugees, the displaced and the injured have become part of the broken landscape which reflects the agony of previous battles. Yet the wider silence is broken by the unwavering voices who

You Have No Idea

I hate to admit it, but I am at a loss about what to write in this week’s column. I’m sitting here at a local sandwich shop eating a turkey sub / hoagie / grinder / hero (to cover bases of all those who are strong supporters of politically correct sandwich names), yellow note pad

Skiing With The Sun Valley Gals

  by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer Sharon and I bought the Mountain Collective Pass last March. We went to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada the second week of December. We also made a day trip to Stowe, Vermont a few weeks later. By using our pass for these ski trips we received more value than if