Day: February 9, 2017

Prep School Hoops

 by Mike Moffett Weirs Times Columnist Granite Staters rightly take pride in Concord High grad Matt Bonner playing 12 seasons in the NBA. But did you know that no less than TEN alumni from Wolfeboro’s Brewster Academy have played in the NBA? Check out Brewster’s web site. The school’s captured four National Prep Championships since

90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewing

The word ‘Imperial’ brings to mind a combination of royalty and more than enough. Imperial is reserved for the best of something. Other forms of the word imply princely orientation or supremacy. In the beer world, it implies ‘bigness’ as in this is a big beer or ‘look out, this is a strong beer’. But

Walden And Chinook

by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Weirs Times Contributing Writer The students of the New Hampton Literary Institution (now New Hampton School ) along with interested townspeople, were outdoors on the campus eagerly waiting for the arrival of some special visitors. It was late in the winter of 1923-24 with snow on the ground and as the