“At Large” – Women’s Caucus Show

Art Girl

By Kimberly J.B. Smith
Contributing Writer

A spectacular show of large artworks is on display at the Gateway Gallery at Great Bay Community College at the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth now through March 26. The gallery serves as the entryway to the college complex.
This is a juried show and 16 selections were chosen from 50 entries. Juror, Dr. Annette Cohen, selected pieces that were cohesive, masterful and educationally interactive for Great Bay students. Dr. Cohen is also an art professor at the college.
Artists worked in various media that inlude fiber works, paintings, mixed media, encaustic works and more. There is a wide variety for all aesthetics.

Wen Redmond’s “Breaking the Surface” at the Women’s Caucus For Art show Great Bay Community College at the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth.

Here are a few of the highlights of the show.
Wen Redmond presents a digital fiber collage titled: “Breaking the Surface.” Visually challenging in its beauty and detail, this piece contains 9 major sections with detail pieces in the center section. Subtle stitchery holds the 9 panels together. There are many undulating and whirling organic shapes. The colors represent a wide span of values. Some sections appear metallic and others look almost molten. It is truly a masterpiece.
For those who are following the artistic trajectory of Deb Claffey, you will be pleased to see a piece by Deb in encaustic, graphite and pigment stick. “Silent Cherry Blossom” is full of subtleties within the interaction of the flora. The layering of medium is incredible.
A unique look at portraiture is presented by Marcia Wood Mertinooke. “Little O’s Surround My Toes” demonstrates an expertise in application of paint that is one of a kind. As for portraiture, a moment in time is captured, as opposed to an accounting of an individual’s visage.
M. Robin Cornwell takes fabric printmaking to a new level of craftsmanship in her piece titled, “Lily Patterns.” A longtime printmaker, Cornwell’s works are hand printed with her hand cut stamps, hand dyed and meticulously stitched to perfection.
There are many more pieces to take in, each offering a unique artistic statement and original approaches to media.
Many groups of professionals come to Great Bay for meetings and they all walk through this high traffic exhibit area. The location of the show is a win-win for business groups and other organizations who often visit the Green Bean restaurant. Schedule yourself a treat, and artist’s date, and come enjoy the show!

Kimberly J.B. Smith is an artist and art educator. You can see more of her work at her website www.KimberlyJBSmith.com. and also on display at the Meredith Public Library through the month of February.