Month: September 2017

Single Day Bonds-Zealand Traverse

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer There are 48 peaks on the New Hampshire 4,000 Footer list and the most remote are the Bonds. The three Bond peaks are far in the federally designated Pemigewasset Wilderness and a long hike is required to reach them. The traverse from Lincoln Woods on the Kancamagus Highway to the

You Might Not Like This

It seems like everybody is angry about something nowadays. Either a few people are on television yelling back and forth about something or other or there are crowds of folks marching down avenues and boulevards holding signs protesting this or that. Even on the Internet, on so-called “social” media sites like Facebook and Twitter, no

Up To The Summits Of The Twin Mountains

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer We met at the New Hampton Park and Ride lot at 6:30 am and in one car we continued north on I-93. The sky was grey but the clouds were high above the mountains. As we drove through Franconia Notch, I pointed out that Mount Liberty looked like George Washington