Day: January 13, 2018

Tribal Tribulations

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer E pluribus unum. It’s one of the few Latin phrases kids learn in school – or used to. Given the sorry state of civics education, perhaps the motto of the Great Seal of the United States has been left on the curriculum cutting room floor. The American ideal

Cleaning House

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer Philosophers and theologians have debated for millennia what happens to us when we die. I am supremely unqualified to contribute to their search for the material or spiritual truth. But six months after being named executor of a relative’s estate, I know a lot about what happens to

Never Too Cold To Play!

By Amy PatenaudeSki/Outdoor Writer “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.” I’ve heard this said many times by people that like to play outdoors. I’ve said it to friends too, but this cold and snowy weather has been challenging. This week I wore all or a combination of these articles of clothing: face mask, baklava,