Month: March 2018

Yup, It’s Spring

by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer Yippee the silly season is here! Time to put away the heavy winter jacket and dig out your Hawaiian shirt! Spring officially sprung on Tuesday March 20th at 12:15pm. The days continue to grow longer and we survived setting the clock an hour ahead. There is plenty of daylight to

The Man Who Thought He Was A Tree

by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Weirs Times Contributing Writer His name is T.E.M. White and I call him a person of interest, not because law enforcement authorities had any special interest in him, but because reading about his life reveals him to have been an interesting person. Probably few people who read this even know about

Thinking It Over

I’ve had to think long and hard about my plans for 2018. My recent surgery and recovery has given me a lot of time to consider what is really important in my life. It’s a bit of a quandary though. After all, not only did I survive the operation, but I also had survived a

Luponic Distortion IPA Revolution #009 by Firestone-Walker

When we look forward to an annual release of some product or series we enjoy, we can become fixated on this release date; so much so that we get excited. Well, for a number of years now, Firestone Walker Brewing Company has created a series of very interesting combinations of rare or exotic hops placed

Context and Confidence

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer Three years ago this week I penned “School-to-Prison Pipeline?,” for the March 5th, 2015 edition of the Weirs Times. It could have been written yesterday. I wrote that “Our education system should be refocused on meeting the educational needs of those children capable of functioning in a classroom.

High Above the Notch Eagle Cliff & Cannon Mountain

  by Amy Patenaude Outdoor/Ski Writer We met in the Cannon Mountain Tramway parking lot after Becca spent the morning snowboarding on Cannon’s slopes. I didn’t get my act together to go skiing along with her but I was game to meet her for a mid-day strong snowshoe. She said the snowboarding was good and