Day: March 7, 2018

Thinking It Over

I’ve had to think long and hard about my plans for 2018. My recent surgery and recovery has given me a lot of time to consider what is really important in my life. It’s a bit of a quandary though. After all, not only did I survive the operation, but I also had survived a

Luponic Distortion IPA Revolution #009 by Firestone-Walker

When we look forward to an annual release of some product or series we enjoy, we can become fixated on this release date; so much so that we get excited. Well, for a number of years now, Firestone Walker Brewing Company has created a series of very interesting combinations of rare or exotic hops placed

Context and Confidence

by Ken Gorrell, Weirs Times Contributing Writer Three years ago this week I penned “School-to-Prison Pipeline?,” for the March 5th, 2015 edition of the Weirs Times. It could have been written yesterday. I wrote that “Our education system should be refocused on meeting the educational needs of those children capable of functioning in a classroom.