Killing The Golden Goose

By Ken Gorrell
Contributing Writer

Two weeks ago in this space I asked, “What’s the Matter with New Hampshire?” The question was aimed at unhappy and confused Republican voters who, according to a poll, thought it would be a good idea for President Trump to face a Republican challenger in 2020.
Given GOP voters’ participation in last week’s primary – the Dems had record turn-out while the Republican numbers were below the norm – it seems that quite a few Republicans are looking forward to a meal of Golden Goose.
We all know the story: A farmer owns a goose that has been laying one golden egg a day. Thinking that the goose must contain a horde of golden eggs inside it, the farmer kills the goose to get all the eggs at once. Only after it is too late does he realize there is no stash of golden eggs. Greed destroyed his profitable future.
I presented many “golden eggs” delivered by the Trump administration to support my contention that Americans of all parties who value the benefits of a strong economy and an America-centered foreign policy should be full-throated supporters of this president. In the past two weeks those reasons have only increased.
Let’s start with taxes. Democrats want to raise them. That’s not a matter of opinion; they’ve presented a plan to do exactly that. Their proposed tax hikes – which they would try to implement if we give them majorities in Congress – look designed specifically to return us to the days when we endured the most lethargic economic recovery in the post-war era.
President Trump has proven that we can have robust economic growth, but the Democrats seem to prefer the old “new normal” of just 2% growth. We need to keep a Republican majority in Congress if we want the benefits of a strong economy.
On the home-front, the Census Bureau released data last week showing that median and average household incomes rose their highest levels last year. Despite the previous Administration’s claim that “rising income inequality” was the “defining challenge of our time,” the data prove otherwise. As the economy has been improving, it has been lifting all boats.
At work, the good news keeps coming. Not only are record numbers of Americans employed, many are moving up, finding better jobs, while others are finding employment opportunities for the first time. And we can put to rest the perennial pouting from Progressives about CEO vs. average-worker pay. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the gap between average CEO pay and average worker pay has been shrinking for years. With middle-class incomes rising under Trump, the compensation differential will likely get even smaller.
Do you doubt that if we send two Democrats to Washington next year they won’t vote for the job-crushing, dream-destroying tax hikes their Party masters advocate? Do you doubt that they will vote to burden businesses with more regulation and support job-destroying trade policies?
Incumbent Rep. Anne Kuster in CD-2 had a lower American Conservative Union voting score last year than even California Lefty Nancy Pelosi. Is NH really more liberal than California? In CD-1, candidate Chris Pappas’s “On the Issues” reads like Bernie Sander’s dream sheet – a nightmare for anyone paying taxes, hoping to save for retirement, or wanting their children to have any hope of getting ahead.
While Kuster has been just another Democrat National Committee meat-puppet, Pappas is a poster boy for Margaret Thatcher’s warning about eventually running out of other-people’s-money. Neither one would vote to continue the economic recovery and foreign policy wins brought to us by the Trump Administration. Golden goose killers, for sure.
It’s easy to see what motivates Democrats: Power, and the greedy idea that they can solve the problems of the human condition through more legislation, freedom-killing regulation, and the confiscation of wealth. Nothing new there. Individual liberty based on a free-market economy is the golden goose they’ve been choking for decades.
But what motivates Republican voters wishing for a change in trajectory? Could it be that many NH Republicans are embarrassed by the reality-TV aspects of an administration that has been delivering most everything it promised? Is that enough to keep them from the voting booth, or worse, voting with the “Resistance”?
Will Republican voters stay home instead of coming out to vote for two outstanding – and trailblazing – congressional candidates? In Eddie Edwards and Steve Negron, we have candidates of character who will represent the best interests of our state. They will vote to maintain our winning trajectory. They will nurture the Golden Goose, not kill it.