Month: October 2018

Lessons Of Innocence

By Ken GorrellContributing Writer Leave it to Senate Democrats to degrade the proceedings of the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” beyond their 1991 low-point discussing “pubic hair on a Coke can.” When the stakes are high, Democrats go low. Advice and consent; if only the Founders could have known how their posterity would weaponize this simple

Blindness, Inspiration, And Randy Pierce

by Mike MoffettWeirs Times Columnist For those who need an occasional dose of inspiration, there are plenty places to look—to include the sports world. And within the sports world, there are few better sources of inspiration than Randy Pierce.Randy is blind.The blindness came about suddenly when Randy was 22, and it naturally devastated the active

UN Assembly; What a Difference a Year Makes!

by John J. Metzler Weirs Times Contributing Writer UNITED NATIONS -Contrary to last year’s General Assembly, the looming threat of a possible nuclear war with North Korea did not dominate the sessions. Rather Secretary-General Antonio Guterres cautiously praised the ongoing process in defusing in tensions on the Korean pen-insula where both the U.S. and South

Mt. Katherine And Wonalancet River – Sweet Easy Hikes

Yours truly and Danielle on Wonalancet Out Door Club’s Brook Path near the Wonalancet River Falls also named Locke Falls after a nearby farm. The two mile end to end trail closely follows the bank of the river the entire distance. The Brook Path is well marked, the water crossings are bridged and it is