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A Serious Issue

Have you seen my oversized political mailer I have been using to promote my current campaign for governor under The Flatlander Party ticket? Chances are you didn’t since we only had a hundred and sixteen printed. That is all we can afford since our war chest only has (had) forty-five dollars. (That was enough for

More Scratch

As biennial candidate for governor of New Hampshire representing the Flatlander Party, I am as committed to the education of our children just as much as the next guy…uh person. Of course, there is no better way to take care of the ever growing problem of funding a proper education than to come up with

Get Used To It

It’s nice to use my spring voice again. “Ahh…it’s fifty degrees. Let’s get out the shorts and go for a walk.” You have to take advantage of the warmer weather seasons here in New Hampshire because, before long, you know you’ll be using your autumn voice again. “Argh, it’s fifty degrees outside. I’m not going

Thinking It Over

I’ve had to think long and hard about my plans for 2018. My recent surgery and recovery has given me a lot of time to consider what is really important in my life. It’s a bit of a quandary though. After all, not only did I survive the operation, but I also had survived a

A Life Changer

Reprinted from Brendan’s book “The Flatlander Chronicles.” When you win something like this, people suggest it is best to keep quiet about it. It’s a good idea to wait and first hire an attorney, get an unlisted phone number and all of your affairs in order before making the announcement to the world. I’m sure

Off Year Elections

It’s Almost Election Day!! What did you say? Election Day? No Way! But it’s true. This is what is called an “off year” election. I believe they call it that because, unlike other years, everything about it is a little “off”. It’s not quite normal. At least what we have come to consider normal as

Life Goes On

Some columns are difficult to write. Two weeks ago, my wife, Kim, and I took a trip to the neighborhood I grew up in on Long Island, New York. It wasn’t a trip we had planned, but we were expecting to take it soon all the same. You see, my mom passed away after being

You Might Not Like This

It seems like everybody is angry about something nowadays. Either a few people are on television yelling back and forth about something or other or there are crowds of folks marching down avenues and boulevards holding signs protesting this or that. Even on the Internet, on so-called “social” media sites like Facebook and Twitter, no

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to the next campaign season despite it all. It used to be, in years past, I was the only one running for governor from the Flatlander Party. It wasn’t a difficult choice, being there were only a handful of us back in those early days. (Actually, it came down to a

Spreading The Joy

I had never dreamed, twelve years ago when I started it, that it would grow to be such a powerful organization. My intention was purely based on how we could get this idea started in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, but today it has grown across the country. I couldn’t be prouder. Of course

Breaking The Curse?

  I was recently asked if I thought “The Curse Of The Flatlander” would ever be broken. I had to stop in my tracks. It had been a longtime since I had been reminded of it. I had even written about it to some degree on these pages many years ago. Since then, it has

My Plans For The Fourth

Time to get out my walking shoes. I realize that it would make sense to wait until Independence Day next year, but desperate times take desperate measures. As you may or may not know, I am facing a serious challenge next year in my run to be the Flatlander Party’s gubernatorial nominee (which, as I

My Least Favorite Week

I know I shouldn’t say it, but I dread this week. I realize that this week will always arrive; not much I can do about it. I also realize that it is my own fault, my lack of preparation that makes it harder than it has to be. Yes, it is the second week in

Getting Together

I was recently made aware that the 49th year reunion of my grammar school class will be happening next year. Yes, grammar school. I never even realized there were such things as grammar school reunions. I do believe that this might be a new cultural phenomenon brought on by the advent of social media sites

Sudden Summer Syndrome

As Memorial Day and the official kick-off to the summer season are upon us here in Central New Hampshire, I am confronted with phone calls from former members of F.A.T.S.O. to help them to deal with the upcoming stresses of the season. As you probably know if you read the papers – well, this one