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Flounder From A Kayak

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer From what I have been told, a flounder was the first fish I ever caught. They were plentiful and easy to catch. As a young adult though, the flounder had become overfished, and catching one each day was a rarity. However, flounder populations along the New Hampshire coast have rebounded

Get Outside

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer Autumn is a big deal in New England. November is the point at which most New Englanders begin thinking about winter. Cold nights turn into warm days, shorts and t-shirts have turned into pants and sweatshirts, and the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. It is impossible to

The End, Or Is It?

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer Labor Day signifies the end of summer. Schools are back in session, summer homes get closed for the season, and vacation time has been used up. It’s a depressing time for many, but not for me. After sweating it out through the month of August, one of the hottest on

Fall Fishing Opportunities

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer Fall is just around the corner and I wanted to focus on some opportunities that many anglers miss. As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, lakes and ponds begin to cool, which causes fish species such as crappie and northern pike to begin feeding aggressively. They do

More On Vertical Jigging

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer In my last column I discussed vertical jigging for lake trout. Vertical jigging is considered an art by many anglers. When fish are deep, whether on structure or suspended, vertical jigging is often the most effective method for catching them, and sometimes the only method. Regardless of which species of

Vertical Jigging For Lake Trout

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer When I mention lake trout fishing to most anglers I usually get one of two responses, “I love trolling” or, “I hate trolling.” For many lake trout angler, trolling is synonymous with lake trout fishing. I’m not the biggest fan of trolling. I don’t have anything against it, I just

Confessions Of A Kayak Fishing Guide

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer I spend a good portion of my summer guiding fishing clients from all over the country for striped bass from kayaks. There is something about catching fish from so close to the water line that seems to keeps people coming back, especially when those fish are migratory visitors whose appearance

Managing Braided Line

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer For anglers, braided line is one of the best things since sliced bread. Being almost four times thinner than monofilament makes it cast much farther, and the lack of stretch makes it ultra-sensitive for detecting bites and better hook sets, but it’s not without challenges. First off, it’s expensive. It

Why Kayak Fishing?

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer I told my wife I was planning to write an article about kayak fishing but I didn’t know specifically what I wanted to write about. I had spent days thinking about it. I couldn’t decide whether to write about fishing for a particular species, a particular style of fishing, or

Choosing A Fishing Kayak

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer Kayak angling is the fastest growing aspect of fishing. No other area of the recreational fishing industry is seeing as many new innovations and products. While this growth is great for the industry, the number of choices is dizzying to many consumers considering a start in kayak fishing. These days,

Slip-Bobber Kayak Panfishing

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer Warm water fish such as crappie, perch, bluegill, largemouth, and smallmouth bass all head for shallow water in the spring to spawn. Length of daylight is a driving force, but water temperature is the real driving force. The shallow waters that many panfish use to spawn are often too shallow

Winnipesaukee on TV

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer This has been a bitter sweet winter for me as an ice angler and professional fishing guide. The ice on Winnipesaukee became safe enough to guide clients on about three weeks later than normal, and became unsafe almost three weeks early, taking a huge financial toll on my business. However,

Panfish 101

by Tim Moore Contributing Writer If you simmer ice fishing down it consists of nothing more than finding fish and convincing them to bite. Many times, finding fish seems almost too easy, but what about those days when the crappie, bluegill, or perch seem to vanish? One minute you’re whacking and stacking fish, and the

Winnipesaukee White Perch

by Tim Moore Lake Winnipesaukee is most well-known for its beauty, boating opportunities, and largemouth bass populations during the summer months, but during the winter a transformation takes place. When the lake freezes, white perch ice anglers sharpen their augers and ready themselves for some of the fastest fishing action that the lake has to

Which Lure Color?

by Tim Moore I always tell people that lure color should be one of the last things you change when fish aren’t biting. Change size, shape, even presentation, before you change color. Since they are near-sighted, vision is close to the bottom of the list of senses that fish use when feeding. Moreover, the wavelength