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Ice Rod Matching

by Tim Moore One of the first lessons I teach new anglers and those looking to increase their catch is how to properly match your rod and reel to your line and lure. A properly matched setup allows you to get the most out of the equipment you are using, maximizes the potential of your

Christmas Kayak Fishing?

by Tim Moore Most years I have been on the ice, somewhere in the White Mountains, fishing for early season trout long before now. That hasn’t been the case this year because Christmas day felt more like early fall than winter. Not only was there no white Christmas, but it was 60 degrees in southern

Where’s Winter?

by Tim Moore   As a full time ice fishing guide no one is keeping an eye on the temperatures more than I am. These days when a client calls to book an ice fishing trip the first question they ask is, “will we have any ice this year?” The answer is yes. One thing

Choosing Fishing Line

There are so many fishing line choices out there that choosing one can be downright confusing. One walk down the line isle at your local fishing retailer is enough to make your head spin. While guiding clients it’s not uncommon for me to switch out a spool full of braided line for one with mono

New Biweekly Hunting & Fishing Column

This week we are pleased to introduce our newest contributor, Tim Moore, and his column “A Guide’s Life” on page 9, Tim is a full time licensed New Hampshire hunting and fishing guide, outdoor writer and promoter, seminar speaker, and the producer of Tim Moore Outdoors TV on YouTube. Tim holds multiple fishing records including