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Play In The Snow! (After You’re Done Shoveling)

by Amy Patenaude, Weirs Times Outdoor/Ski Writer Everyone I know is tired of shoveling snow. We’re wondering where we’re going to pile up the next snowstorm. Our walkway is now narrowed to just one shovel width and it is impossible to keep the mailbox clear. What a month! What a winter! Clearing snow should be

Wildcat Mountain And A White Wildcat Wedding

By  Amy Patenaude, Outdoors / Ski Writer Did the Bride have cold feet? No she didn’t have cold feet. She had quickly snapped back a reply to my inquiry that her feet were quite warm. I asked again if she was sure she didn’t have cold feet. This time the reply was laughter from everyone

Great Snow At Loon Mountain!

Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire, is one of the easiest resorts to get to anytime since it is only 2.5 miles up the Kancamagus Highway from I-93’s famous exit 32. The short drive through downtown Lincoln past all kinds of snowsport shops, stores and eateries is a temptation for me to stop but