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Winter Is Now

Each season of the year brings with it new reasons for feeding our backyard birds. Fall provides its own unique pleasures, while ensuring future enjoyment for the bird watcher. Although there is an abundant supply of natural foods available, such as mature grains, seeds, berries and insects, keeping your feeders full during the autumn months

Turkey Trot

There are some memories that never fade from one’s mind. As we get older, we tend to hold on to the special occasions that define a moment in time. Each season of change opens the gates to the reflections of the mind’s eye. Each year the flashbacks grow stronger until you wonder if the moment

You Can’t Get There From Here

Autumn is a season of change. To the average backyard birder, it is also a time of excitement and anticipation. We are witnesses to our songbirds as they prepare for the onslaught of winter. Food sources are investigated and memorized. Shelters are given a look see and once over. Mixed flocks happily flirt about as

Attracting Strangers

Most of us who feed birds all year long have a group of regulars that visit our backyards. Depending on where you live, this list will likely contain cardinals, different finches and sparrows, a nuthatch or two, chickadees and mourning doves. But what about the other wild bird species? Chances are that you have more

When people think about feeding backyard birds, the first thought is usually bird seed and water. These two ingredients are essential for attracting wild birds to your area, no matter where you may reside. However, another attractive food element that should be included in your offerings, especially during the winter months, is suet. There are


For backyard birders everywhere, autumn is one of two seasons relating to change, the other being spring. We put our clocks to rest and rely on nature to tell us that changes are approaching. Listen carefully, do you hear the silence? Birds generally use songs to announce danger, establish nesting territories or to simply attract

You Big Bully

Every now and then a survey or scientific study arrives in our mailbox that requires a comment. This is one of those times. A new study has determined that birds that are abused during the maturation stage are very likely to become bullies as adults, similar to studies done relating to humans. (I can only

Migration Mysteries

Have you noticed the daylight hours are waning, nights are cooler, and mornings are turning frosty? Nature has noticed these phenomenons for a number of weeks. Wild birds migrate for a variety of reasons; to escape foul weather, to search for a nesting site, or to locate consistent food sources. The real mystery of migration

Why Bother Migrating?

  Why do birds migrate? Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer for wild birds to stay in the same regions they nest in rather than risk flying thousands of miles twice each year? In truth, if birds did not migrate their lives would be even more difficult to survive than making their vast journeys. If

It’s Snow Time!

There…I said it. Veteran backyard birders do not need a calendar to know the time of year. We do not need to watch the media outlets to understand that a season of change is rapidly approaching. Back to school ads have been around for weeks, much to the chagrin of children everywhere. If you are

Tale Of Two Woodies

Two of the most wide-ranging and common woodpeckers are the downy and hairy species. These two birds are almost identical in appearance. Some people consider the smaller downy woodpecker to be the offspring of the larger hairy woodpecker. However, these two wild, clinging feathered friends are very different in many ways.

Test Tube Hummingbird Feeders, Glass or Plastic?

As long as there have been test tube hummingbird feeders, the most commonly question asked is; “Should I use glass or plastic test tubes?” Is there a difference in attracting hummingbirds? Does one material last longer than the other and is one easier to clean? The most obviously difference in test tube hummingbird feeders is

Keep Your Cardinals

The cardinal is relatively new to this area of New England. Prior to the popularity of backyard bird feeding, the northern most boundary of this brilliant red bird was the Connecticut and Rhode Island regions. As more homeowners enjoyed this hobby of feeding wild birds in the last two decades, attracting the cardinal has almost

The Goodness Of Bats

Each year, we get asked the same questions regarding bats. There are many misconceptions about bats and, although not a bird, this winged creature is associated with many faults not of its own doing. Bats provide humans with many benefits. Bats eat millions of pounds of insects nightly, saving farmers millions of dollars in pesticides

Blue Jays, Friend or Foe?

Many backyard birders have a favorite song bird. Based on our customer’s inquiries in New Hampshire, the chickadee, cardinal and hummingbird top the list. The average backyard has the ability to attract over 25 different species of wild birds each and every day, no matter what the season. How to attract each species depends on